For many analytical tests to be accurate, repeatable, and reliable, the specimen or test samples often need to be at consistent temperatures to eliminate any variability in the test procedure from one sample to the next. All Flex heaters are used to precisely bring samples to defined temperature parameters for the various tests to be successfully completed.


Flexible heaters bring powder, pellets, solid cubes, gases, metal samples, chemicals, materials, and other compounds in analytical equipment to consistent or high temperatures in order to analyze the sample for purity, raw formulation, or predictive failure. All Flex heaters help OEM’s ensure their inbound materials meet specifications, their internal processes are in-control, and their outgoing finished products are built to defined requirements. Our heaters also assist in sophisticated diagnostic analysis for post and historic investigative work.

Laboratory Tester

Laboratory Tester

Laboratory Test Equipment

Laboratory Test Equipment

Material Testing

Material Testing


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In addition to flexible heaters, All Flex also manufactures flexible circuits, for more information please visit to explore our extensive line of flex circuitry.

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