Kapton Polyimide Heaters


Polyimide/Kapton® heaters provide the thinnest profile option, typically having an overall thickness of under .007” excluding mounting adhesive. This thinness also enables reliable conformance to curved and irregular surfaces, with the ability to wrap as tight as .25″ radius.

The overall thinness of Polyimide heaters also permits the addition of a heater late in the design process. The low profile can be beneficial in fitting within component clearances or between features, not forcing changes in the overall package design.

Kapton heaters have a lower temperature threshold than Silicone heaters, peaking at 300F / 150C continuous, higher for short durations. Polyimide heaters, however, do have improved thermal transfer compared to silicone rubber and offer quicker response on thermal delivery to the surrounding mass. All Flex has the ability to construct custom heaters using alternative and more exotic material so please speak with an application engineer if a higher temperature rating is required.

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All Flex offers UL Certified constructions in both Silicone Rubber and Polyimide (maximum UL Certification temperature is 221F / 105C).

All Flex will pre-mount your heater on your mounting frame or heat sink if desired. We have exceptional ISO-certified procurement sourcing processes and our on-floor soldering controls are ITAR and MIL-SPEC 50884E certified.


Adhesion of the heater to its mounting surface is a critical factor in the performance of the heater to ensure that thermal energy transfers out of the heating element. Customers are to ensure a uniform and proper interface between the heater and the mount location.


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  • ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001
  • ITAR Registered ITAR Registered
  • JCP Certified JCP Certified
  • UL Recognized UL Recognized
  • Member IPC Member IPC
  • AS9100 AS9100

In addition to flexible heaters, All Flex also manufactures flexible circuits, for more information please visit www.allflexinc.com to explore our extensive line of flex circuitry.

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